Written by Chris Thomas Chris Thomas

A summary of the Regiment's Sealed Knot history, as remembered by Chris Thomas

Prince Maurice's Dragoones were originally a company of what amounted to a private army, with pike, musket, sword, artillery and cavalry, formed and commanded by Maurice Burton-Crawford.  Apparently this unit was the SK between Lands End and Bristol in the early to mid 1970's.

The uniform was very strict, with all aspects controlled, even down to the official braid and the type and colours of the feathers. Blue tabards were the mainstay, with large yellow lions on them. This lion badge cropped up all over the place, even on the blades of halberds. The other main uniform item was a PVC buffcoat, leather only being allowed for gun crews (and for those who claimed allergy to PVC - in the later stages a surprisingly common complaint in the regiment)

Due to his leadership style a number of companies etc broke away to form other units during the 1970's, culminating in a massive bust up in about 1977. The members who left formed Wardlawes, Stamfords, Grenviles Bye Train (as it then was) and Hoptons (ECWS).

After the last split Maurice's were left with three members of the dragoone company, the senior of which was Corporal Bob Partridge. Maurice Burton-Crawford remained in nominal command until well into the 80's, but was very rarely seen, and showed even less interest ...

With a new uniform of Plum Burgundy doublets and black breeches and white socks numbers soon recovered, and Sir Nicholas Slanning's musketeers were formed as No. 2 company, with a uniform of black doublets and breeches, and red socks. In about 1980 Slannings formed a pike company, and in about 1982-3 gained regimental status in their own right.

At this stage Maurices, Slanning's and Grenville's formed a tertio under the command of Mike Butterworth. Later Rawdon's joined, the tertio name was changed to Prince Maurice's Tertio, and Bob Partridge became the tertio commander.

In the 90's the tertio was added to by the formation of Piper's Dragoones, a breakaway from the Kings Guard. These formed a company of Slanning's, and then a company of Godolphin's, when these split off from Slanning's. Bob Partridge retired as tertio commander, handing over to Alan Wicks of Slanning's, and Rob Grace took over as regimental commander. The tertio name was then changed to Hopton's. With the formation of the Forlorn Hope Maurice's left Hopton's to join that formation.