The Cropredy Bridge muster was on the weekend of June 29th/30th, 2019

It was hot, so hot that KG musket barely made it onto the field and those that did only managed a couple of shots (if that) before retiring to the shade of the hedge and the attention of the medics.  Did I say it was hot?  The heat also took out Parliaments commander who was supposed to be choreographing the display, and as no one else knew the whole script including some late changes, things did not go entirely to plan (no change there).

And as what appears to be the norm nowadays, the two sides closed far too quickly and we were told to fire off our powder this despite the rest of the army having bypassed us.  I spent the afternoon trying to pick off the Royalist officers, must be a lousy shot (or perhaps it was the heat).  Once we were out of powder we retired to the shade of the hedge with KG, better than running around in the heat.  Although I was still suffering later on when Jackie was checking my measurements.  I stayed up for as long as I could but eventually wilted into a chair - she said she was just about finished anyway, I know I was.

Despite being slightly cooler, day two was a bit of a blur except for the round on ice creams I bought from a passing van as we were packing away. 

There was no-one to take pictures of us on the field this weekend, so we return to campfire pictures!