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The Uniform:
Black Breeches: A pair of black trousers, turned into breeches by cutting them off at the knee. I had to go out and buy a new pair to cut down, the zip fly remained.
Socks: White nylon football socks.
Shirt: White, large collar. The shirt was my old school shirt. I stitched some lace around the cuffs and around the large circular collar (I think I managed to buy the collar). The lace was the biggest and best synthetic lace I could get.
Buff Coat: Hoggar Brown colour (a sort of Tan) PVC was the material we had to use (and was extremely difficult to get hold of, but it HAD to be this shade). The design resembled a long waistcoat and the edges of the coat were trimmed with gold braid. (The gold braid had a blue velvet ribbon threaded through it - this had to be done by hand). On the left breast of the buff coat we wore a badge of blue felt, outlined with the braid and bearing a gold lion. (The outside seam of the breeches was also braided). These coats were extremely uncomfortable to wear. One got very hot and very sticky very quickly (a bit like plastic Car seats).
Hat: Black felt, with the rim edged with braid. The rim to be turned up on the left side and a gold Lion fixed to the turned up side. Blue and white ostrich feathers were used as decoration. (Coloured feathers are sometimes not a good idea, as when rained upon the colour does tend to fall out onto collars).
Sash: Bright Pink, fringed with gold.
Boots: Black Bucket top. The instructions (which I followed) were to use black ankle boots and add a PVC bucket top, secured by elastic under the instep. A band of lace was fixed around the top of the boots with Velcro. (Wonderful stuff is Velcro and it was used on many articles of early Sealed Knot clothing..... one could hear the ripping sound of Velcro coming from the early Sealed Knot toilets (canvas screens and pits) at a hundred paces).
Weapon: A sword. We were told to purchase a "Leon Paul" sabre or epee. Most used them as purchased, but some managed to alter the hilt to look less like a modern fencing weapon and slightly more 17th Century.
Helmet: Lobster pot with a gold lion painted on the front.

(The overall effect of this was not as bad as you would perhaps think looking through "authentic" eyes. It was certainly colourful and over-the-top, but from the crowd viewpoint the fine detail was lost and we did put on impressive and entertaining battles, even in the very early days).