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It was around about this time that our opponents started equipping themselves with a new and fearsome weapon... the musket. As Dragoones, some of us (not unreasonably we thought) asked our Commanding Officer if we too could obtain muskets. The answer was no, "our weapon is the Sword" and by the way "our uniform is Hoggar Brown PVC buff coats!" (Noises were still being made about buff coats and Parliament were already wearing the new authentic real leather). I had by this time, managed to buy a real leather coat which was nearly -'Hoggar Brown" shade... I wore it at musters when Maurice wasn't around.

More and more muskets appeared in the army of Parliament, but we continued to soldier on with our swords. We eventually made our point at a Muster in Bristol, where we were faced with an impressive bank of muskets. On being fired upon, to a man, we all died leaving our Commanding officer alone amidst the smoke and looking somewhat bemused. It was at this muster that Maurice resigned as Commanding officer and that the Captain Generall granted Prince Maurice's Bye-Trayne of Artillery Regimental Status as Sir Beville Grenville's Regiment under the command of Michael Butterworth.

With the loss of members to Wardlawes and now to Grenvilles, the Regiment was now somewhat depleted, but the few who remained did not particularly want to join Grenvilles (which I think was probably expected at the time). We decided to stick with Maurice's, albeit with only about six or seven members left. Kim Thomas wanted to raise a Cornish Regiment so we agreed to split the Regiment into two companies to begin with the ultimate aim of the formation of a new Regiment when numbers permitted. For this reason the Cornish Company chose a new uniform and in effect ran itself in all but name from this moment. This Company was later to become Sir Nicholas Slanning's Regiment of Foote, under the Command of Kim Thomas and later under Alan Wicks.